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Date: 15th March 2011


Dear Mister Mc Ardli,

Recently I handed in my application regarding the historical documents of the army that concern my grandfather George Samuel Lewis.

Margaret Kinnie wrote me a letter that included the fact that family interest enquiries may take as long as nine to twelve months to complete due to the very high volume of welfare requests on behalf of former soldiers.

She advised me to write you a letter if I have any reasons for the process to be finished earlier than the amount of time that is mentioned by her.

I would kindly like to inform you about the importance of this matter to my academical research concerning my graduation at Edinburgh College of Art. Without this information my research will not be complete and I will have to graduate after receiving the documents. My graduation is planned to be presented this academical year in May.

I do understand that in some cases there is no information available, if this is the case I can state that in my academical research.

Hopefully the urgency of this matter is very clear and there would be a chance for me to receive these documents before the 22nd of April. I would be very delighted to graduate with the full information provided with the specific details included in these documents.

Yours truly,

Sarojini Lewis

9 Bellevue Street 2f2

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