Dear Member of the Macbean clan,

I got your email address from the Macbean clan website

I am doing family research. With this email I included my family tree
of my grandfather who is George a son of Charlie and Prescilla.
At the moment I got stuck at Samual Macbean.
I found birth certificates of other members in earlier
generations and I found Samuel Macbeans death cetificate. With this
certificate I found out he was buried in Dacca in Bengal and he was a
clerk. He was born in 1872. But I can't find his birth certificate, I
don't know if he was born in Scotland or not. I've already consulted
the British Library and saw all there registers of India.

Would it be possible to find something in the archive about history
closly related to the Macbean family. Do you have any suggestions were
I could find out more about Samuel Macbean. Would there be any
documentation about shipowners during that time?

Would it be possible to see if this person is related to the scottish
Macbean clan?

Hopefully you can reply to my email it would be very helpfull if I can
include more information for my MFA Photography project that is
related with this family research.

My graduation will be next month so hopefully you can let me know if
there will be a possibility to find something in a short amount of

Best Wishes

Sarojini Lewis

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