The army personnel centre
Ms support unit, P & D Branch
Historical Disclosures, MP 555
Kentigern House
65 Brown Street
Glascow G2 8EX

Dear Roddy Hay,

After having a phone conversation about the documents needed I would like to send you my application, the copy of my grandfathers death certificate and a cheque of 30 sterling payable to MOD Accounting Officer.

Please understand my reason for enquiry as I am the granddaughter of G.S. Lewis and would like to have more knowledge of what happened to him during his life as I did not know him because he died before I was born. It is very important for me and it would be nice to have as detailed information as possible send to me as soon as possible.

With kind Regards

Sarojini Lewis

Sarojini Lewis
9 Bellevue Street 2F2
Edinburgh EH7 4BX

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