Dear Aunt Joyce

How are you? I hope you are doing well and you have a good health.
Almost two years ago we met in the Mother Teresa House in Calcutta.
I was very happy to meet you. I have never met my father’s father and
so it was a very special moment to meet you.

At the moment I am studying photography at Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland.
I brought the family tree you showed me in Calcutta to Scotland. I am
eager to learn more about this part of the family. I spent time
studying documents in the India office in the British Library and
found some documents including burial certificates and baptism

The last document I found was about Samuel Macbean. In the family tree it shows that he is your grandfather. I cannot find anymore
information about older generations in the family tree. Samual Macbean
was buried in Dacca.
I would be very happy to find out more about his life. Was he the
person who emigrated form Scotland to India? Do you know his place of
birth and the date of his birth. The name Macbean facinates me. I
would like to find out who in the family tree was Scottish and were
they would be from in Scotland. I would like to photograph this place
in Scotland for my final Master project for the Art School.

I would be happy to know more about your family and the history of the
family tree. Would it be possible to write me about it?
I am also researching about my own grandfather George Samuel Lewis, I was wondering if you could write me about some memories that you have of him.

I really hope you can help me, it is so hard to find out something
without family who knows more about this history.
For me it is very important to know more about the past!
Hope you have the possibility to write me back,

With much love

Sarojini Lewis
9 Bellevue Street 2f2
Edinburgh EH7 4BX
United Kingdom

Missionaries of Charity
54/A Lower Circular Road
700 016

Dear Sisters,

Please note my letter for Joyce Lewis who is my grandfather’s sister.
If she has the capability to read my letter please make sure that she receive this letter.

I send a similar letter about 7 months ago without any response.
My father and me both tried calling the Mother Teresa House to inform about her health and if she was able to receive my letter. There seem to be a wrong phone number on the Internet and we both tried calling several times.
I tried calling 0091-33-2217 2277 and the number on Internet 033- 245 22 77 are these both wrong phone numbers? I’m calling from the United Kingdom.

Please could you inform me about her health and how she is doing?
Hopefully you could inform me as well if she is able to write me back?

Since I have been waiting for almost a year for a response it is very important for me to know if the Missionaries of Charity will receive this letter.

Please respond to me as soon as possible as the information I am asking sister Joyce Lewis to send me is part of my graduation project from Edinburgh College of Art and without the information my graduation is not complete.

Hope to hear from you and thank you for your help,

Best Wishes ,

Sarojini Lewis

Sarojini Lewis
9 Bellevue Street 2f2
Edinburgh EH7 4BX
United Kingdom

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