6 months of continual changing environments places to sleep, places to eat and places to perhaps fall in love… it makes me feel a bit alienated from myself and my sense of place.
Do I really now where I am?
I just searched for hours to find a ticket back home which at first hand seemed a impossible task. For weeks I have been looking for a ticket home and I can not find a single ticket from Buenos Aires back to Amsterdam…
I found one from Rio de Janeiro to London, but I have to get back to Buenos Aires to get a bag full of my art works and photographic negatives…
Or could I just trow that a way?
Give my art to my friends? Leave my art behind under the bed in an apartment in La Paternal….

All prices where twice as much as when I flew to Buenos Aires in June 2012. I felt a light sense of panic running trough my veins. No easy possibility to go home…I’m stuck in South America although it is a continent where I actually prefer to stay, maybe I should not go home? After all I’m half South American as well because of my mother’s side of the family….

All of a sudden in this very exciting second night in Guayaquil , just 30 minutes ago I found a ticket through a site called pirates flights that gave exact details for three dates to fly from Amsterdam to Buenos Aires and Buenos Aires to Amsterdam for 499 euro’s. I entered delta flights and searched for a flight on these specific dates and found a flight that departs on the third of April from Buenos Aires to the United States, Atlanta than from Atlanta to Boston and after that Boston Amsterdam. The flight will take 28 hours and 25 minutes exactly….changing places rapidly crossing different parts of the world oceans…

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