The message that I received in the morning did not make me feel happy.
I wonder if I was writing to many messages to the wrong persons, every day I feel that I have forgotten something to write about.
Today I observed the butterfly that was sitting in the corner of the room close to the carpet. It did not move and stayed still during the presentations of the group of artists.
As silent as this butterfly I would like to observe everything, sounds of the presentation still echoes in my head but in a sort of foggy way.
What was he talking about …. I guess I should not write anymore to …an artwork from whom?
Still a bit desorientated.
I was thinking of the different movies they play in the bus in Chile and Peru. In Chile all the films are new and in Peru the films are quite old fashioned, all American movies. One night they forgot to switch of the Dvd player and the sound of the menu kept me awake until I decided it was time for some sleeping pills. I woke up and the landscape changed in to a big dessert. A dessert with foggy conversations and artworks.

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