The river runs a long the view of the museum

A view on the water that runs in different directions

Why are you not on Skype?

Would love to hear your voice…

I’m assuming the subject of the talk is interesting

The Woman talks with passion.

I noticed that her ear rings where quite fashionable but heavy for the hole in her ears.
There was not much flesh left between the hole s and edge of the shape of the ears.

Listen to the sound of water

I’m sorry I smoked two cigarettes….

Together we whispered the sounds that go a long with the paintings

sounds of the ceramic sculpture with the fat body and the tiny head 

a crab reddish coloured sculpture of sound

I would like to buy a suit like the school girls are wearing

A school girl in virgin white kissed a boy with a fluor yellow outfit and to much gel in the hairs

Why do girls look so much better sometimes?

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