What is the name of the fucking blue cheese

What is the fucking name of the blue cheese

The corners of his mouth were wet when he asked the question to none person in specific

Hamburquesa con quesa

I’m from a country that is like that

She says she is from the moon

A round cheese with holes

the dark gaps are filled with discussions

Sometimes it is nice to escape to a church to avoid the sound pollution of the city




I did not feel comfortable discussing things

I had the feeling I was wasting time

maybe because I got lost in the language

But than when all of us went for a drink their was a nice mixture of conversations between artists

Artists who live here and the other artist who arrived by plane or bus

Perhaps that was in a way more important

Visiting a museum like a forest

mysterious objects with a lot of feathers

Would you like a feather?

I looked a the feather that was white with slightly black edges

No gracias senor

He frowned his eyebrows and was slightly disappointed

I did not accept his gift

I felt a bit guilty

But honestly what was I going to do with a dirty feather?

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