All my visual photographic documentation is combined with collages of everyday found objects by me. Since I have moved to London I’m gathering notes and mapes people use to go somewhere with me or to explain something to me. On all the notes and tickets and receipts I drop theabags and somethimes coffee. This is not done on purpose, whenever I use a theabag to drink thea in my room I drop it on my notes. By doing this the notes will contain something of my daily life. They will live with me and the stains on them symbolise the time that passes.
The notes can be combined with the photographic part of my project. Another working method will be to print the photos on the maps including the stains.

The Three Secrets From Fatima

photographs taken by Sandra Zegarra Patow “ A sea of fire, Flames that were like seeds, Beans that were like flames. Extraordinary, magen...