My aim is to research the visual part and the theoretical part of feelings in the world inside of different living environments and the world outside in public environment. To research emotions I like to start with people in the environment around me.
On of the aspects of my project is about my family. My family name is Lewis and comes from my grandfather from fathers side who lived in India. When he was a child he was adopted by a British family. My grandfather was convinced that he was purely British, although his ethnic background is Indian and his parents had Indian blood. My fathers brother, my uncle lives in London with his three sons and his English wife.
How is the environment of my cousins compared to my own environment?
How does their perception of consciousness relate to their ethnic background?
Another aspect of my project I find in comparing two families. Three dutch brothers who have exactly the same age as my cousins; 26,28,30. They come from a typical Dutch family and have only dutch blood. I could compare these two different families, their different characters, their daily behaviour and their appearence.

Waves that came from Ternate

  The waves that came from Ternate