produced together with Gali Gurevich

Israel 20 min. by car from Jerusalem

The different landscapes seem physical less accessible than around Edinburgh. The light is overwhelming and aggressive. There is something more difficult, something strange.
During traveling through Israel in between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem I tried to observe the view. How can I find what I have in mind. What exactly do I have in mind?
How do I feel in this layered system of complex visual details.....
The air condition of the bus is to cold slowly I fall a sleep each time I try to observe.
I forgot what I saw

eleven views

eleven views is a proposed exhibition existing of photographic portraiture within a group. The group consists of twelve students currently in the MA/MFA in Photography at the Edinburgh College of Art. We are interested in the projected identity of each other, co-existing in one environment.

Coincidently we have been placed in a group of twelve, all coming from different countries and having different backgrounds. The first people we met in Edinburgh were not all Scottish. One of the main underlying themes in this series of portraits is the exploration of the diverse cultural identity that exists in our group.

Everyone takes pictures of everyone, so do we.
We are all photographers taking pictures of photographers.
We are at the same time creating content and methodology.
We all have different perceptions of each other.

During this project some of the questions we wish to explore are:

Can we understand each other better through this project?
When you have eleven different representations of a person, will this offer a clear insight to the identity of that person?

Can you still hide your identity although eleven different people are trying to capture it?

Or will it be more about the expressions of different cultural identities seen by people from different backgrounds?

Logistically, everyone in the group photographs the other members of our group.
This will result in twelve collections consisting of eleven portraits and one self -portrait. Each collection will be a group of portraits of one person taken by all the different members of our group including the photograph taken by the person shown in the collection.

The way we would represent the photographs is as follows. We would frame each collection (12 portraits) in one large frame. The collection of photographs will be printed on one single surface, each image will be postcard size, 3 x 5 inches or 6 x 4 inches. The viewer can make connections about who in the group photographed who and which photograph was taken by the person shown in the frame.

Members of the group:

Polina Laposeva , Chihiro Yuasa, Marcel Pedragosa , Zhenwei Huang , Andrew B. Tunnard, Milionis Fotis , Karen D. Stentaford, Chia-Jung Lee , Qi You , Iain M. Sutherland, Suzanne Delaney, Sarojini Lewis

Waves that came from Ternate

  The waves that came from Ternate