Fernanda Romero searching for Madam Jeanette

residency CasaDuna


Sarojini Lewis | © Taylla de Paula
In the theatre, Google maps are projected on a large scale in the background of the stage. The center is occupied by the Dutch artist Sarojini Lewis, with only a microphone and a notebook, from which she controls strolls through the projection. She is illuminated by a weak lamp, coming from the ceiling, and a flower necklace wraps around her neck. The performance “Fernanda Romero: Searching for Madame Janette” puts in scene a story of loves, break ups, and abandonments. While she reads the narrative of a disappeared woman, Sarojini conducts the audience through a geographic journey on the map of Brazil and of South America, topicalizing sexual and feminine aspects. This body in transit also explores prostitution. In the end, the performer excuses herself in order to read a love letter with “inflammable thoughts.” Standing up, assuming the role of the lyric-“I" that disappears from the world, the artist says that “butterfly rules” were imposed onto her. 


Waves that came from Ternate

  The waves that came from Ternate