Syah Ghar Foto Studio स्याह घर फोटो स्टूडियो

14 January 2016

Start the day start the day start the day
start the day start the day start the day

You dumped me you dumped her
Have you been ditched my dear
dump me on top of this earth
dump me in the ditchhole of your disgust
You hated me
You eat my tears

Throw that away throw you there
Fly here and there spend 12 500 roepies
here and there fly back come here
go there
Ditchhold where are your edges
Who is going to hold my hand when I cry
Is it you
Are you?

Or are you the passive viewer of my pain
Ditch hole ditch it ditchy itchy hole
I guess I feel very cheerfull instead
A live seducted sedated what is Indian Romantisism
I am of Indian originality you know

Eat it
Eat it

Swallow my thoughts just like I have to put up
with silly advertisements

Waves that came from Ternate

  The waves that came from Ternate