Artist talk and project Herrnhut

Process-Presentation Herrnhut-Project (Prozess-Präsentation Herrnhut-Projekt)
70 cm x 55 cm each, 2015, 5 photographs, printed on Hahnemühle paper

Emanating from her migrant background, the artist investigates what traces she can find in her own life. The photos show the artist with everyday objects or other particulars that became meaningful during her inquiries. In one picture (taken in Swiss Saxony) we see the artist in a praying position. In her hands she holds a Karela– a fruit which grows in her mothers country of birth Surinam and in India.  
What are the connections of the journey of this fruit with her life?  From seemingly unconnected individual objects arises significant interweaving. In her work the artist poses the question “what does that have to do with me?” – The observer may feel invited and drawn to this thought experiment.
The part of an Indian dress and the tree lamp from Surinam belong to the inventory of the local history museum of Herrnhut, in whose archive the artist conducted her research. The group of objects traversed migrational routes from India to Surinam that are similar to the ones occurent in her own family history. Next stop in her research process will be India. 

text written by Meike Griese-Storck

photos taken by Konrad Behr

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Sunday 21st of June, 3 pm
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