Goodbye Polwarth Gardens!

Dear Natasha Collins (and other managers for 100 3f1 Polwarth Gardens)

I write to you as a response to the email I received from Natasha Collins stating that there will not be a good will gesture from the landlord of this property. There is a gesture being made by your director for a new flight of 43 ponds.

Yesterday I have spoken to Alexandra Simpson from Letwise to advise me on this unfortunate situation. She advised me to write you the following statement;

I am very happy that your director wants to make a gesture of 43 pounds for a new flight. Though I would like to state that there has been a mistake made by your collegue from the financial department concerning the end date of lease. This is provided on the note that I send Natasha Collins earlier on.
I do not wish to be held responsible for your mistake and therefor do not intend to pay another month of the rent.

I understand that you want to provide me a new flight ticket to help me stay until the end of the lease as stated in the document but I have made many family arrangement for July and will no longer be able to stay in the property you provide.
Because Natasha Collins discovered the mistake that has been made no longer than two weeks ago, there is not anough time for me to change the family arrangements that have been made.

Since your collegue made this mistake in November I do not see why this mistake has been discovered not longer than two weeks ago.

I understand I do not get my deposit back until everyone leaves the property, after the final bills are due, you can give my deposit back on my account with the Bank of Scotland; xxxxxx

The meter readings at this moment are 18037.148 for the gas meter and 01498 KWh for the electricity meter.

Once again I do not wish to be hold responsible for the final months rent. I hope you understand these reasons and we can come to a solution that would be more agreeable for me.

Yours truly,

Sarojini Lewis

Sarojini Lewis
Gerard Scholtenstraat 120
3035ST Rotterdam


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