I decided to take more time to sleep

A day for quietness

Not much more

fimiliar voice

making plans for next week

A lunch with fish

others eat eggplants

Wrapped up in plastic bags

The artist creating identity to escape from their identity

I still have to choose an address…

Swimming pool with plastic cups from  the party

I liked the man standing naked outside in the rain

Why did he not join the discussion

Rooms with bath tubs for more than two persons
covered in dust

He looked curious at the circle of people

Walked from the left side of the space to the right side while the rain kept pouring down on his body

The circle was closed

his curiosity was more or less ignored

The taxi driver liked the architecture of Guayaquil

Do you like the mixture of architecture? yes

Do you like the new buildings? yes

Do you like the old buildings? yes mas o menos

Do you like the buildings on this street? No

Perhaps he did not want to talk to me about this

I'm curious to the outsider of the art circuit

My sister has been driving to my grandmother she hoovered the floor

The house near the sea

Fresh smell of the dunes in The Hague

Holes in the floor of the other house



I want to stay and observe this lost glory

It must have been a rich family

With dinner parties in the garden

While someone would have dived in the pool to refresh from the tropical heath

After the time passes it was reopened by artists

Who left the plastic cups in the dirty green water from a party, a gig, an experimental exhibition, or just an exhibition with some posters, some graffiti in the corner

plastic cups from the party

Tarot cards with Mariela

Gracias Mariela !

I just had the reading about the cards.
First of all my work will be fulfilled this year and will make me happy.
I have to be careful with the travelling because I can not trust everyone.
There will be an older man.
Who will give me stability and structure which I like.
I'm very passionate person, I have to think more about what I want.
And be more relaxed about it, less stressed.
I will live with the man and have to be open to receive!

Buenos Noches!

I got a lot of comments that I don’t listen enough during my time in South America

Today I was thinking about this while listening to the different presentations

Perhaps I can understand the language better if I try to relax more and let the flow of words go through my head like a stream of water

Rather than catching the words

it worked trying not to focus on specific words

We looked at different buildings

in a projection and in the streets

a mixture of everything

Sometimes I listen to words

once in  a while I try just to listen to the sound of the rain

I was wondering if I have trouble with transforming words into something that I understand

I know that I dream most of the days, sort of lost in the past or the future, its always has been like that

Some people get offended by this because they think I don’t find their stories interesting

I dream in visual narratives without a language

Creating a drawing of a squid and an octopus swimming in the sea

after the mango and the kiwi there where shelves with fried sea food a shrimp  

deep purple pulpa

the food was pretty flat and hairy

we watched it on an imax screen

it made me laugh

I had a dream of you

You helped me with a place to sleep

It was an apartment with 60’s furniture inside

Deep green curtains and a brownish sofa

I did not know you liked that style

But than what do I know about you

Memories are fading and perhaps I was confused

It left me in a state of doubt and admiration

The impression of the vision in the dream
kept appearing during different moments of the day

I wonder why

During the night it rained and it was the first time I felt cold

What is the name of the fucking blue cheese

What is the fucking name of the blue cheese

The corners of his mouth were wet when he asked the question to none person in specific

Hamburquesa con quesa

I’m from a country that is like that

She says she is from the moon

A round cheese with holes

the dark gaps are filled with discussions

Sometimes it is nice to escape to a church to avoid the sound pollution of the city




I did not feel comfortable discussing things

I had the feeling I was wasting time

maybe because I got lost in the language

But than when all of us went for a drink their was a nice mixture of conversations between artists

Artists who live here and the other artist who arrived by plane or bus

Perhaps that was in a way more important

Visiting a museum like a forest

mysterious objects with a lot of feathers

Would you like a feather?

I looked a the feather that was white with slightly black edges

No gracias senor

He frowned his eyebrows and was slightly disappointed

I did not accept his gift

I felt a bit guilty

But honestly what was I going to do with a dirty feather?

The river runs a long the view of the museum

A view on the water that runs in different directions

Why are you not on Skype?

Would love to hear your voice…

I’m assuming the subject of the talk is interesting

The Woman talks with passion.

I noticed that her ear rings where quite fashionable but heavy for the hole in her ears.
There was not much flesh left between the hole s and edge of the shape of the ears.

Listen to the sound of water

I’m sorry I smoked two cigarettes….

Together we whispered the sounds that go a long with the paintings

sounds of the ceramic sculpture with the fat body and the tiny head 

a crab reddish coloured sculpture of sound

I would like to buy a suit like the school girls are wearing

A school girl in virgin white kissed a boy with a fluor yellow outfit and to much gel in the hairs

Why do girls look so much better sometimes?

In Guayaquil there is a Zona Rosa just like in Medellin. I wonder why they are both Zona Rosa
…..Zona Rosa for the Salsateqa?

Zona Rosa

She walks in the hot street wearing a bright coloured top

Looking at the different man that are passing by undressing her with their eyes

She walks in the hot street wearing a bright coloured top

Her body is tight up by her new jeans

The top is tight

Everyhting is tight

Only a little oxygen enters her lungs

Her movements on the hot street are like an oversweetened drink

Different man passing by

Would like to drown in the passion of her sweet drink
Her fake blue contact lenses

thightened in blue jeans

The message that I received in the morning did not make me feel happy.
I wonder if I was writing to many messages to the wrong persons, every day I feel that I have forgotten something to write about.
Today I observed the butterfly that was sitting in the corner of the room close to the carpet. It did not move and stayed still during the presentations of the group of artists.
As silent as this butterfly I would like to observe everything, sounds of the presentation still echoes in my head but in a sort of foggy way.
What was he talking about …. I guess I should not write anymore to …an artwork from whom?
Still a bit desorientated.
I was thinking of the different movies they play in the bus in Chile and Peru. In Chile all the films are new and in Peru the films are quite old fashioned, all American movies. One night they forgot to switch of the Dvd player and the sound of the menu kept me awake until I decided it was time for some sleeping pills. I woke up and the landscape changed in to a big dessert. A dessert with foggy conversations and artworks.
6 months of continual changing environments places to sleep, places to eat and places to perhaps fall in love… it makes me feel a bit alienated from myself and my sense of place.
Do I really now where I am?
I just searched for hours to find a ticket back home which at first hand seemed a impossible task. For weeks I have been looking for a ticket home and I can not find a single ticket from Buenos Aires back to Amsterdam…
I found one from Rio de Janeiro to London, but I have to get back to Buenos Aires to get a bag full of my art works and photographic negatives…
Or could I just trow that a way?
Give my art to my friends? Leave my art behind under the bed in an apartment in La Paternal….

All prices where twice as much as when I flew to Buenos Aires in June 2012. I felt a light sense of panic running trough my veins. No easy possibility to go home…I’m stuck in South America although it is a continent where I actually prefer to stay, maybe I should not go home? After all I’m half South American as well because of my mother’s side of the family….

All of a sudden in this very exciting second night in Guayaquil , just 30 minutes ago I found a ticket through a site called pirates flights that gave exact details for three dates to fly from Amsterdam to Buenos Aires and Buenos Aires to Amsterdam for 499 euro’s. I entered delta flights and searched for a flight on these specific dates and found a flight that departs on the third of April from Buenos Aires to the United States, Atlanta than from Atlanta to Boston and after that Boston Amsterdam. The flight will take 28 hours and 25 minutes exactly….changing places rapidly crossing different parts of the world oceans…

Waves that came from Ternate

  The waves that came from Ternate