Swimming pool with plastic cups from  the party

I liked the man standing naked outside in the rain

Why did he not join the discussion

Rooms with bath tubs for more than two persons
covered in dust

He looked curious at the circle of people

Walked from the left side of the space to the right side while the rain kept pouring down on his body

The circle was closed

his curiosity was more or less ignored

The taxi driver liked the architecture of Guayaquil

Do you like the mixture of architecture? yes

Do you like the new buildings? yes

Do you like the old buildings? yes mas o menos

Do you like the buildings on this street? No

Perhaps he did not want to talk to me about this

I'm curious to the outsider of the art circuit

My sister has been driving to my grandmother she hoovered the floor

The house near the sea

Fresh smell of the dunes in The Hague

Holes in the floor of the other house



I want to stay and observe this lost glory

It must have been a rich family

With dinner parties in the garden

While someone would have dived in the pool to refresh from the tropical heath

After the time passes it was reopened by artists

Who left the plastic cups in the dirty green water from a party, a gig, an experimental exhibition, or just an exhibition with some posters, some graffiti in the corner

plastic cups from the party

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