I am inspired to work with particular plant species from La Petite Amazonie and the residents living in Malakoff. Together with a botanist, I go in search of typical plants of the area to place them in the apartments of people I meet during my stay.
The plants will live in different rooms that each have a different perspective on the Péage Sauvage.

working on a project with artist group Observatorium

The Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam (Rotterdam Center for Visual Arts) has invited young photographers Sarojini Lewis and Stacii Samidin Ramelan, both living in Rotterdam, to portray people living around the Petite Amazonie. In march they visited Nantes to spot situations and arrange meetings. The mix of art and documentary photography derives from a concern for the world and a love for daily life, all be it that many of their work could be called surrealistic. This summer they will do their photographic survey and of course use the Péage Sauvage for a portfolio presentation and a lecture. An exhibition of their work both in Rotterdam and in Nantes is in preparation.

Waves that came from Ternate

  The waves that came from Ternate