Under the pavement

Under the pavement I found you in another dimension
Cracking thoughts
To understand the way this space organises itself
Gaining acces
Through Gates
Into my reality
Convince me it has been worth it
Regret me it has been worth it

Quild but it has been nice kinda chatting
And stuff....

We can create an ability to be together
But honestly I don't like to be your secret under
The pavement

Without a key to unlock me
Without a lock for a door
To gain access
Lost in gravity
And some time zones

New technologies to prevent
water to enter our pavements
Our streets
Your city
My city

If your hair shines it means you
Are very fertile or vertile

It has been raining for days
Greyness surrounds Sao Paulo

Samba Seems strange

Every time I space out in the taxi or bus

I see your face


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