Performance Sarojini Lewis & Meet during the Student Biennale in Kochi 2016

The politics of the space reappears as a visual trace in the landscape as a mark of ink written on the body. Without emphasizing on political issues of the North East states dialogues evolves, naturally expressing things in subtle ways, secluded in the personal studio space or a tree house. A long the video installations in Kotacherry Brothers created by students and artists of the North East we would like to invite you to the soundscape of Meet combined with the diary like discriptions of Sarojini. The poems Sarojini Lewis evolve around a specific window view and were mostly inspired by the house were she resided in Imphal. The soundscape of Meet are created by the sites of the old warehouses in Bazaar Road with each space their different histories. The visual poetic space inspired by the window view collide with this soundscape. this The performance will start off in Kotacherry Brothers and than be carried on to the MK Traders were Meet created a soundscape for the exhibition in collaboration and curated by Adwait Singh. 

Start 20:00 pm 18th December Kotacherry Brothers continued in MK Traders

Curatorial text made with 15 curators during the Student Biennale - Kochi Biennale 2016

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